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Contingent Asset Recovery Specialists of America

We repossess it when no one else can!

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Repossession Service News

CARSOA Receives Humanitarian Award

Repossessor Association Award has been awarded the "I Help Find Missing Children Award". spotlights missing children that are not involved in a custody dispute. Please take a minute and see if you recognize any of the missing children on their web site.

Lender Abandons Collateral,
Now Facing Charges

The owners of Memphis Title Pawn are facing charges in Shelby county court regarding a repossession. Memphis Title Pawn ordered the repossession, the vehicle was repossessed, but Memphis Title Pawn never paid the repossessor, or auctioned off the collateral. Shelby county determined that it is abuse of process to repossess collateral and not sell it at auction to reduce the debtors balance.

Repossessor Association

Welcome to We are an association of repossession services dedicated to serve lenders that are unable to repossess their collateral through their regular flat rate repossession services. Our professional member repossession services companies perform above and beyond what your flat rate repossessor will do.

Lets face it, your flat rate repossession service is only going to recover a certain percentage of the collateral you assign him. Once your flat rate repossession service has failed to repossess your collateral, it is time to hire a CARSOA member contingent repossession service.

Our member repossession services are of the highest integrity and are dedicated to repossess your collateral when every other repossession services says it can not be found. Please consider assigning your account for repossession to a CARSOA Association member.

All members of the CARSOA Repossessor Association operate under the CARSOA Repossessor Code of Ethics. Any repossession assignment sent to a CARSOA Repossessor Association member is covered by the CARSOA Performance Guarantee.

We are constantly asked why we don't print our repossession service directory like the other repossession service industry trade associations do. Our answer is, printed repossession service directories are antiques. Most lenders are searching for repossession services on the internet. Our online repossession service directory is viewed by hundreds of lenders every day. The CARSOA repossession service directory generates repossession assignments, and we haven't harmed any trees in the process.

Why pay thousands of dollars to advertise in an antiquated repossession service directory that no one reads? Our membership costs a fraction of what the other repossession service industry trade associations charge. Join Today!

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