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Contingent Asset Recovery Specialists of America

We repossess it when no one else can!

Repossessor Directory

Select a state from the pull down menu to find a repossession service company or a repossession agent in your area.

Repossession News has been awarded the "I Help Find Missing Children Award". spotlights missing children that are not involved in a custody dispute. Please take a minute and see if you recognize any of the missing children on their web site.

Repossessor Association Award

Repossessor Association

Contingent Asset Recovery Specialists of America

We repossess it when no one else can!

There are many repossession industry trade associations, however, CARSOA has been time tested and proven to be the biggest and the best repossession industry trade association.

Here are the top ten reasons to join CARSOA today!

10. The CARSOA Repossession Service Directory generates thousands of repossession assignments each week.

9. Why advertise in antique paper directories that no one uses?

8. Our repossession service association membership costs just a fraction of what other repossession service industry trade associations charge.

7. Membership in the CARSOA repossession service association gets you great discounts from auxiliary repossessor association members.

6. The CARSOA repossessor association guarantee will actually protect your repossession service company. Unlike some of the other repossession industry trade associations that require you to reimburse the association if their bond is actually attached.

5. The website will help drive traffic to your website, bringing you even more potential customers.

4. Respect, Your customers will know that you are a professional repossession service since you are a member of the CARSOA repossession service association.

3. The CARSOA newsletter provides you with the latest repossession service industry news and information.

2. CARSOA membership will save your repossession service company money.

And the number one reason to join the CARSOA repossession service association is:

1. CARSOA membership will make your repossession service company money! Our repossession service association rates are so low that it only takes a few repossession assignments, and we are making you money. How many repossessions do you have to pick up in order to pay for membership into some of the other repossession service industry trade associations?

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